Just walked 60 minutes (roughly 3 miles) + 30 minutes of yoga.

~Still got it~

~Still got it~

I’m researching the hot Persian optometrist on the second episode of this show.

I’m watching “Candidly Nicole” and enjoying myself.

My parents’ Belgian friends just showed up:

…they’re talking about selfies and Instagram.

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Bedtime…but first…let me torture you guys with two more selfies.

I thought I would see smoke rising from the floor in my room out of the corner of my eye and it just kept happening repeatedly right now and I was seriously like, “…is that a ghost? OH GOD IT’S A GHOST what else could be the explanation??” but then I realized it’s the smudge at the corner of my glasses lens causing it as my glasses slide down my nose.

Is it socially acceptable to be streaming “Muriel’s Wedding’ on Netflix in my bedroom on a Saturday night while ironing? Or is this the final nail in the coffin on my once-enviable social life?


these are their stories 


these are their storiesĀ 

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My parents discovered a new passion for antique furniture.

So glad “Pretend” isn’t happening and this is the follow-up.

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I have an inexplicable desire to listen to Chris Brown’s first single.